I am inspired by the beauty of simple things. I work almost exclusively in oils, and my paintings are realistic but not photographic. I begin with an accurate contour, then I strive to break down the complex form into a collection of simple shapes, abstract planes that absorb and reflect light in unique ways. Painting in this way seems similar to working in stained glass or embroidered tapestry in that it requires deliberate choices of color and value for each shape. My best paintings happen when I work quickly and stop before the piece is absolutely "finished".

My mother was an accomplished artist, and I began making pictures at an early age. Drawing was my hobby. After I graduated from my corporate career in 2007, I began painting in earnest. I have since taken courses at UC Berkeley Extension and College of Marin, and have studied with artists such as Donald Bradford, Christian Fagerlund, Tim Horn, Felicia Forte and Kay Carlson. My work has been exhibited in juried shows at the Studio Gallery, Marin Society of Artists, Gualala Art Center, the Chico Arts Center, and Placerville Art Association.

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